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"Help Bring Joy. Improve the quality of life to those in need. Promoting sustainability through the acquisition and redistribution of reused goods."

 -From our Founders

Noor and Mohamad Ali Hachem

The Sun Sentinel

The Haitian Times



Elise Blum, American Heritage principal: “Amazing students, I am so very proud of these students, often people feel lost when something bad happens, especially during the pandemic, but it didn’t even take a day before I heard from Noor and Moe that they had an idea and wanted to help people. Raising money is doable, getting donations is hard but doable, and getting the stuff from here to the people who need it is unbelievable. You didn’t do it only once but twice!” (April 2021)

Lynn Stoner, Plantation Mayor: “The members of the Arabic Club have tenaciously been involved in investing countless community service hours to ensure the successful fruition of the Beirut Project.”( April 2021).

Daniella Levine Cava, Miami Mayor: "Noor...displayed remarkable leadership, commitment and compassion at a time of urgency and adversity with honorable acts of charity.”

About Us

While doing the Lebanon project, Noor and Mohamad Ali realized how much people over buy and throw in the garbage which motivated them to start their own company: ‘Unite 4 a Cause,’ to which they plan on personally accumulating and repurposing recycled goods for global distribution with their team.

Our Projects

Our humanitarian relief campaigns focuses on combating poverty and hunger, addressing medical and health concerns, and helping provide supplies to help those suffering from humanitarian crises to rebuild their destroyed homes.  In addition to the local and international impact this project has had, this team’s endeavors have revealed a passion for working with others. For more information about the intricacies of our endeavors, click More.

Our Partners

As we continue moving forward, we would like to collaborate with bigger organizations to gain popularity to eventually make this large enough for it to make an extremely significant impact in our world. Take a look at different organizations we currently work with.

Get Involved

Want to get involved? Click here for more information on how you can help.

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