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Our Team

Our team consists of several outstanding community leaders and changemakers compelled by compassion, environmental advocacy and the redistribution of goods to promote sustainability, environmental protection and humanitarian relief efforts. 

Noor Hachem


Noor, Freshman at Nova Southeastern University,  co-founder of Shoes for Blues started this venture back in 2018 by collecting used shoes to raise money for charitable causes. However, in 2020 when Beirut, Lebanon fell to shreds she became prompted to lead the initiative of a large scale disaster relief drive to get aid overseas leading her to co-found Unite for a Cause. Following these drives, she co-founded the Arabic club and assumed the role of co-president and became the Young Ambassador for Beirut for Social Development. She enjoys ceramics, also the President of the Ceramics Club, and dancing in her free time. As President of National Dance Honor Society (NDHS), she assists dance instructors in lower dance class levels and through recycling used shoes and bake sales, is offering a scholarship to disadvantaged children. She hopes to continue helping victims of disasters and lower income dancers, as well as promoting sustainability through recycling.

Moe Hachem


Mohamad Ali is a Junior at American Heritage School in Plantation. As he loves to help others, he is the co-founder of Unite 4 a Cause with his sister Noor and feels deeply rewarded when giving back to his community. After his initiative and success to help Beirut, he became the Young Ambassador for Beirut for Social Development. He is the co-president and co-founder of Shoes 4 Blues since 2018 and the Arabic Club at his school. He enjoys horseback riding, play tennis and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Additionally, he enjoys making furniture, woodworking, gardening, and playing piano in his free time. He recently joined the Tri-M Honors Society, an honor society dedicated to music.

Ryan Rached

Lebanon Coordinator

Ryan Rached is currently a Junior at International College in Beirut, Lebanon. He was the former Vice President of the Arabic club at American Heritage. He actively contributed his time and leadership to the Unite 4 A Cause: Help supervising for Beirut Project at the warehouse in Miami. He is also an active member and volunteer with the Boy Scouts of Lebanon and the young ambassador for Beirut Association for Social Development. His passions are go-kart racing and soccer. He played soccer for Weston FC and West Pines United, and he raced for Xtreme Team Racing. He is currently mentoring a charitable soccer team for Syrian refugees in Lebanon as well as tutoring them in English.

IMG_1343 (1).jpg
Eva Pierre-Antoine

Haiti Coordinator/Webmaster

Eva, is a freshman at Harvard University, works as Haiti Coordinator of Unite 4 A Cause. With her entire family from Haiti, she is passionate in aiding Haiti as much as she can. She enjoys all things literature and mathematics, spending most of her time with her nose in a book or doing math problems. She is an active participant in many school clubs, as president of Black Student Union and Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMs) and vice president of Key Club, armed with a passion for helping others. When she is not studying or promoting the wonderful articles on iPatriotPost, she is at swim practice, or learning about and creating computer science, including this website. 

Isabella Da'Costa

Honduras Coordinator

Isabella, is a freshman at Northeastern University. She works there organizing fundraisers and drives as well as weekly meetings and club involvement within the community. Furthermore, she is involved in the pre-law society and will be beginning her legal internship in January. She is also involved and a dance studio outside of school where she trains and teaches young children including those with learning disabilities. The partners with best buddies in order to reach as many students in need as possible. She is part of the National Dance Honor Society with which she fundraises in order to fund Dance Iq Gives, which helps disabled youth pay for dance classes. Overall, she is passionate about helping those in need and correcting injustice.

Rayyan Allaf

South Florida Coordinator

Rayyan, A freshman college student. He loves to help others and has participated actively by leading our projects since the beginning. He was one of the first to join the team and worked tirelessly to facilitate the shipments of humanitarian aid to Lebanon and the Earthquake Relief/Toy drive to Haiti/ Ramadan Drive. In his free time, Rayyan likes to invest in the stock market and perform financial analysis. He also works as an all-around computer specialist by programming, editing videos professionally, and doing graphic design, he runs his own business since middle school. In the future, he plans to continue helping others, as well as pursuing a major in Computer Science, and making bigger impacts with his Entrepreneurial skills.

Tomas Guzman

Colombia Coordinator

Tomas Guzman, Junior at American Heritage School, is also the current treasurer of the Arabic club of the school. American born but raised in Colombia, he takes sending aid and help to Colombia very seriously since more than a fourth of their population lives under poverty. Tomas contributed his time and leadership for Beirut Project helping in the warehouse in Miami and during the drives at Volunteer Park. His interests include mathematics, history, and business as he is involved in the Pre-Business track in American Heritage. Tomas also takes part in BLUE Missions, a nonprofit organization about the water and sanitation crisis. Furthermore, Tomas enjoys playing tennis, soccer, golf, and different water sports. Throughout his whole life he has always been really passionate about the social, political, and economic development of Colombia. With the help of Unite 4 A Cause, Tomas seeks to improve living conditions for many Colombians.

Our Junior Team

Our junior team consists of enthusiastic elementary students who love to help our senior team out in any way possible.


A sixth grader, Reda loves tennis, reading, and paleontology. He enjoys watching anime.


Adam is a sixth grader is charismatic and loves drama and singing. He played Mowgli in his school's production of The Jungle Book.


Narjis, a third grader, is a natural leader who loves gymnastics and chocolate.

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