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Our Projects

Our projects consists of providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Our team evaluates the needs and urgency of each situation and acts up on it. So far, we have successfully completed the Beirut project, the Haiti project, the Carribean project,  and the ramadan project for the Afghan refugees, we are now working on the Earthquake Morocco Relief.

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Earthquake Morocco Relief
Unite for a Cause, in partnership with the Arabic Club at American Heritage and IEC, . Together, sent vital winter items, tents and medical to aid those affected by the Morocco earthquake. With 3,000 lives lost and 10,000+ displaced, every bit helps. We thank the compassionate South Florida community for the success of putting together a full 40'container brimming with essential supplies, including blankets, tents, winter clothing, wheelchairs, and crutches. These items are earmarked for the citizens of Morocco who find themselves in dire circumstances.
Hurricane Ian
The Arabic Club, in collaboration with 'Unite for a Cause,' successfully partnered with Tool Bank, in the aftermath of Florida's hurricane. Together, we amassed vital tools, directing collective efforts towards reconstructing affected areas. This joint venture exemplified the power of unity in the face of adversity, contributing significantly to Florida's recovery process. 
Humanitarian Help to Lebanon: #3

In June 2021, our team met many days at the warehouse and organized, packed, palletize, sort, and collected donations. They did successfully ship their 3rd 40 foot container of food to send and help out Lebanon overcome their humanitarian crisis. They did it in partnership with Beirut for social Development non-profit organization and the Arabic Club of American Heritage.

Help 4 Beirut: #1
Within days of the tragic explosion in Beirut August 2020, Noor and Moe immediately reached out to Mrs.Blum, their school’s principal, to start a disaster relief drive in the park of the community they live in; which lasted for weeks. Our team reached out to food banks, and local supermarkets to collect donations to maximize the help Lebanon could receive. After two long months of sorting, collecting, and packing they finally shipped their first twenty foot container to Beirut prepared from their garage! They started this project in the midst of the pandemic and took action immediately, spreading awareness, and gaining the support of their community for a country some people haven’t heard of before.
On the Ground: Beirut 
Noor, Moe, Ryan, Adam, and Reda volunteered during the month of July to help families in disadvantaged villages in Lebanon by distributing locally bought necessities. 
Dance IQ Give
Noor and Isa, driven by their passion for dance, found many ways to give back to the dance community.  They dedicated over a hundred and fifty hours for the past two years assisting teachers, teaching and mentoring younger prodigies including children with learning disabilities. They also performed with ‘Dance IQ Gives’, all the proceeds were donated to a charity for Autism. Additionally, they raised enough money to give a three month scholarship to 2 students with a learning disability in need to pay his monthly tuition to the studio. They are currently hosting bake sales outside of the dance studio to raise money for costumes for children who cannot afford the costly prices. They also began collecting and recycling used ballet shoes and used costumes. So far, they have been able to raise a substantial amount.
Humanitarian Help to Lebanon: #2

Noor and Moe started the first Arabic Club at American Heritage Plantation campus and successfully shipped their second container within a two week time frame. The colossal amount of donations required for them to rent out a warehouse to store the aid and to pack them. Our team met almost everyday at the warehouse during their spring break. They commuted daily to Miami and spent days at the warehouse. It brought them all together and they had a cause to unite for. They collected food supplies, life saving supplies, hundreds of wheelchairs, walkers, and oxygen machines that were sent to the newly opened clinic by BASD. The first baby delivered at the clinic benefited from the donations sent. They provided thousands of backpacks and school uniforms for a school affected and supplied over 15,000 people with the donations sent.

Haiti Earthquake Relief
Noor & Eva decided to start a drive for Haiti, the team led and organized a four week drive. They partnered with Food for the Poor and the American Heritage Clubs: the Arabic Club, NHS, Key Club, the Black Student Union and Care Club. Noor, Eva, Moe, and Isa set up boxes all throughout the school and dance studios. They collected hundreds of diaper boxes, feminine hygiene products, dry food items, baby food, cereals, baby items, mobile power banks, used shoes, aqua tabs, radios, soaps, first aid and toys that were sent to the Port-Au-Prince facility for the Food for the Poor in Haiti.
JenLove Foundation JoeDimaggio
Noor made packages of art supplies with a ceramic butterfly for the cancer patients at the Jen Love Foundation at Joe Dimaggio Hospital to paint while the region was still under lockdown due to Covid-19. Some of them will be given to patients and others will be given during a celebration of life to parents in the Spring 2022. This celebration is a ceremony at the park where they release butterflies.
Toy Drive to The Caribbean and Latin America
After the successful drive for Haiti, Noor & Eva decided to initiate a toy drive for the Caribbean, Latin American countries, and Lebanon in partnership with Food for the Poor (FFTP), Beirut for social Development (BASD) as well as ten other clubs from American Heritage School Plantation campus. They successfully gathered over hundreds of quality toys, collected over 500 pairs of shoes, and successfully raised a significant amount of money to buy soccer balls, jump ropes, and other street toys that are universally played with toys that would last longer for the children.
Ramadan for Afghan Refugees
The team joined efforts in partnership with American Heritage School Arabic Club and the ISFS Food pantry. They made successfully raised more than $8500 in gift card and foods. Their efforts fed more than a 150 families of 4 during the month of Ramadan, Among them where the Afghan Refugees families.
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