Moe Hachem

Mohamad Ali, currently a Senior at American Heritage School in Plantation, embodies a fervent passion for community service. Co-founding ‘Unite 4 a Cause’ alongside his sister, Noor, Mohamad has consistently demonstrated his dedication to helping others. His impactful contributions in all the disaster relief missions led him to be honored with many proclamations, letter of commendations and awards.
Under his leadership, Moe has guided the organization’s disaster relief efforts, ensuring that essential aid is directed to areas struck by natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. He oversees the planning, the logistic and the proper execution of any mission from A to Z. He serves as the president of Club at his school, a testament to his active involvement, and also leads ‘Shoes 4 Blues’ which he founded in 2018.
Outside his philanthropic pursuits, Mohamad is a competing horseback rider, tennis player, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete. His creativity is evident in his love for woodworking, furniture crafting, gardening, and piano playing. He is a member of an Honor Society as well, and a National Merit Scholar.