Noor Hachem

Noor, Sophmore at Nova Southeastern University, co-founder of Shoes for Blues started this venture back in 2018 by collecting used shoes to raise money for charitable causes. However, in 2020 when Beirut, Lebanon fell to shreds she became prompted to lead the initiative of a large scale disaster relief drive to get aid overseas leading her to co-found Unite for a Cause. Following these drives, she co-founded the Arabic club and became the Young Ambassador for Beirut for Social Development. She is now the treasurer at the MENA at Nova .She enjoys ceramics, was the President of the Ceramics Club. As a President of National Dance Honor Society (NDHS), she assists dance instructors in lower dance class levels and through recycling used shoes and bake sales, is offering a scholarship to disadvantaged children. She hopes to continue helping victims of disasters and lower income dancers, as well as promoting sustainability through recycling.