Tomas Guzman

Tomas Guzman, Senior at American Heritage School, is also the current Vice President of the Arabic club of the school. American born but raised in Colombia, he takes sending aid and help to Colombia very seriously since more than a fourth of their population lives under poverty. Tomas contributed his time and leadership for Beirut Project helping in the warehouse in Miami and during the drives at Volunteer Park. His interests include mathematics, history, and business as he is involved in the Pre-Business track in American Heritage. Tomas also takes part in BLUE Missions, a nonprofit organization about the water and sanitation crisis. Furthermore, Tomas enjoys playing tennis, soccer, golf, and different water sports. Throughout his whole life he has always been really passionate about the social, political, and economic development of Colombia. With the help of Unite 4 A Cause, Tomas seeks to improve living conditions for many Colombians.