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Senator Marco Rubio: “Your efforts to collect and ship much needed supplies to the city speaks highly of your character and devotion to helping others. I commend your work to assist those in need and know they are grateful for your kind generosity.”  (April 2021)


Michael Gottlieb, House representative: “You have demonstrated your dedication and commitment to hard work by achieving this monumental task. Your efforts to procure essential donations for those affected by the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon is a selfless act to help others survive and rebuild their lives. You have proven you possess the capabilities, initiative, heart, and fortitude to improve the world.” (April 2021)

Lynn Stoner, Plantation Mayor: “The members of the Arabic Club have tenaciously been involved in investing countless community service hours to ensure the successful fruition of the Beirut Project.” (April 2021).

Elise Blum, American Heritage principal: “Amazing students, I am so very proud of these students, often people feel lost when something bad happens, especially during the pandemic, but it didn’t even take a day before I heard from Noor and Moe that they had an idea and wanted to help people. Raising money is doable, getting donations is hard but doable, and getting the stuff from here to the people who need it is unbelievable. You didn’t do it only once but twice!” (April 2021)

Margaret Brown, Weston Mayor: “Because of individuals like yourselves who are committed, educated, caring, and devoted students who are of Arab heritage. The compassion and empathy that you demonstrate is as important as the knowledge you acquire.”

Judy Paul, Davie Mayor: “The task of coordinating a drive to send much needed supplies to the city speaks highly of their character. The coordination to ship these containers was a monstrous task”

Daniella Levine Cava, Miami Mayor:  “Noor, Moe...displayed remarkable leadership, commitment and compassion at a time of urgency and adversity with honorable acts of charity.”

Dr. Douglas Laurie, School President: “It's an honor to have you in our school, we are very proud of you. ”

Award Ceremony at Jacaranda Country Club Plantation to proclaim April 16th, Arabic Club Day at American Heritage and Arabic Heritage Month in Plantation by Mayor Lynn Stoner.

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