Turning Shoes And Clothing Into Opportunity.

In our ‘Shoes 4 Blues’ program, we carefully go thru the donated shoes and clothing. We try to maximize them into opportunities for empowerment and change. Our initiative is to promote those in need and promotes and environmental sustainability by recycling and repurposing used items. Join us in making a meaningful difference through your contributions.

Shoes 4 Blues

This activity was founded in 2018. Noor was only a 14 years old, and Moe 12 years old. They came to a realization that people dispose of a colossal amount of items in good condition, yet they still end up in landfills, which take years to decompose while we could make better use of it. Their first fundraising was for Project Alive.The main purpose was to repurpose goods for global distribution and raise money by selling shoes collected for charity.

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Shoes 4 Blues

We will either give your shoes away if they are in good condition or new and if
they are not we will sell them in bulk. The money will be used for the same cause you donated
initially the shoes for.

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