Project details

Our team driven by their passion for Music, dance and Art, found many ways to give back to the dance community. They dedicated over a hundred and fifty hours for the past two years assisting teachers, teaching and mentoring younger prodigies including children with learning disabilities. They also performed with ‘Dance IQ Gives’, all the proceeds were donated to a charity for Autism. Additionally, they raised enough money to give a three month scholarship to 2 students with a learning disability in need to pay his monthly tuition to the studio. They also hosted bake sales outside of the dance studio to raise money for costumes for children who cannot afford the costly prices. They collected and recycled used ballet shoes and used costumes. They have been able to raise a substantial amount.

Dance IQ Gives, based in Sunrise, FL, blends the art of dance with a mission of giving back. With over 150 hours committed to teaching and mentoring, including support for dancers with learning disabilities, this initiative shines in its dedication to inclusivity and education. Through innovative fundraising like bake sales and recycling dancewear, Dance IQ Gives has provided scholarships and essential attire to aspiring dancers in need. This effort not only supports the local dance community but also turns the passion for dance into meaningful action, demonstrating how creativity can fuel community support and change.