Project Detail

During Ramadan, the local food pantry in Sunrise plays a pivotal role in supporting the community. This period sees a heightened need for food supplies as families gather for iftar. The pantry’s efforts are vital in ensuring that everyone, especially those in need, can partake in the Ramadan observances. This time of the year is especially important for community support and donations, helping the pantry meet the increased demand and continue its mission of providing essential nourishment and fostering a sense of unity and care within the community. Unite for a Cause partners with the local food pantry to address the increased demand for food and supplies. This collaboration ensures that families observing Ramadan have access to necessary iftar meals.

In 2022, Noor and Moe, and in 2023, Moe and Tomas, led a remarkable drive in partnership with the ISFS Food Pantry. Their efforts successfully raised over $8500 in 2022 and more than $11500 in 2023, in gift cards and food supplies. This substantial contribution ensured that 150 families of four were supported for the entire month of Ramadan each year. The drive’s success prompted American Heritage School to make it an annual event, a testament to the dedication and impact of these student-led initiatives.