Project Overview: In response to the devastating 2021 earthquake in Haiti, Unite for a Cause (U4C) orchestrated an impactful four-week relief drive. Our mission was clear: to extend a helping hand to the earthquake-stricken communities in Haiti and provide them with crucial supplies.

Collaboration for Impact: U4C, in partnership with Food for the Poor and various clubs of the American Heritage School, including the Arabic Club, NHS, Key Club, the Black Student Union, and Care Club, embarked on this journey of compassion and aid.

Leaders of Change: Our driven team leaders Noor, Eva, Moe, and Isa, were instrumental in the organization and success of this drive. Their leadership and vision set the tone for what was to become a massive community effort.

Collection and Donation: Strategically placed collection boxes in schools and dance studios became the heart of our drive. The community’s overwhelming support led to the collection of essential items:

  • Hundreds of diaper boxes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • A variety of dry food items
  • Baby food and cereals
  • Vital baby items
  • Mobile power banks
  • Gently used shoes
  • Aqua tabs for water purification
  • Radios for communication
  • Soaps and first aid supplies
  • Toys for children

Destination of Hope: All items collected were meticulously packed and sent to the Port-Au-Prince facility of Food for the Poor in Haiti. This shipment not only carried essential goods but also conveyed a message of solidarity and hope from miles away.

Helping Haiti: Quick Summary

Initiative: Unite for a Cause (U4C) Earthquake Relief Drive for Haiti
Duration: Four-week humanitarian drive
Partnerships: Collaborated with Food for the Poor and American Heritage School Clubs
Team Leaders: Noor, Eva, Moe, and Isa
Collection Points: Schools and dance studios
Items Collected: Diapers, hygiene products, dry foods, baby items, power banks, shoes, aqua tabs, radios, soaps, first aid, toys
Impact: Hundreds of essential items shipped to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Mission: Provide relief and hope to earthquake-affected communities in Haiti

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