Noor and Moe were pivotal in establishing Unite 4 a Cause, alongside various clubs at American Heritage Plantation campus. Their remarkable efforts led to the quick shipment of vital aid within two weeks. The extensive donations necessitated renting a warehouse for sorting and storage. This joint endeavor united the team, especially during their spring break work in Miami, leading to substantial support for those in need, including essential medical supplies and educational materials, high collaboration epitomized the spirit of unity and community service, showcasing how collective efforts during challenging times can lead to impactful humanitarian work.

In August 2020, Beirut, Lebanon, witnessed a catastrophic explosion caused by the detonation of a large quantity of ammonium nitrate stored at the city’s port. This devastating incident resulted in a minimum of 218 casualties, over 7,000 injuries, and an estimated $15 billion in property damages. Additionally, it displaced approximately 300,000 residents, leaving a significant portion of the city in ruins and triggering a pressing humanitarian crisis that necessitated immediate international assistance and solidarity.